Wise Thoughts For The Weekend…


Life is a beautiful gift

When I found this quote I was like this is sooo true! Each of us go through many hardships but its what we do in the brink of it all that matters. I’m taking a step and using my struggles such as weight and confidence issues to empower others. What would you like to achieve?


Through it all I would like to say I inspired someone to never give up

Motivation Monday! Have You Truly Looked At Yourself in the Mirror?!

Love Your Body [Image from: www.choosingraw.com]

Love Your Body [Image from: http://www.choosingraw.com]

Have you looked in the mirror?…

Like truly looked at yourself?

What do you see?

Do you like what you see or do you cringe?

Shaking your head in disappointment

Sighing at disbelief

Maybe even shed a tear

But breath my friend

Smile at yourself 

Cheese so wide you hurt your cheeks


Throughout the change I still love the body I am in <3

Throughout the change I still love the body I am in ❤


Who cares what the world thinks!

This is the real you, and this is your real body!

And if you do not like it

Smile because you are ready for change

Smile for the haters you know you will soon make envious

Smile for your health

Smile for your upcoming new life!

No one says it will be easy

You may be in more pain than you ever been in your life

You may even feel defeated at times

But one thing I can promise you!

You will be happier

You will be healthier

And you will become more motivated than you have EVER BEEN IN YOUR LIFE

So my friend

If your ready for change


And always remember

Love your body NO MATTER WHAT!





Love the body that you are in throughout your journey in life, it is the only one you have! Hope you enjoy the small and big accomplishments in your health journey for not only this week but throughout your WHOLE LIFE!

♥ Norah



YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL [Image from: debbie-debbiedoos.com]



When The Going Gets A Little Tough….

Becoming who you were really meant to be takes time...

Becoming who you were really meant to be takes time…[Image from: Women’s Health]

Today as I was trying on clothes that I was once not able to fit in and I felt great. Than a sadness came over me because I was angry that I had let myself go soo many times and now have to work hard and sacrifice once more. But unlike the other times I feel soo much stronger and I am determined to become the woman I was meant to be…I just need to keep reminding myself that it is one day at a time…

So my friends while in your journey no matter what it is remember to…



And of course…



♥ Norah


One day at a time..[Image from: yourhealthkick.blogspot.com ]

One step at a time..[Image from: yourhealthkick.blogspot.com ]

Finding Small Inspirations Throughout The Week

Motivation Throughout The Week

Finding Inspiration in simple things makes you think of the possibilities…


Finding beautiful and simple quotes while drinking tea honestly can put me in a good mood and get me through the day. I hope this week you found some inspirations in the most simple of things. I know I did and each day makes me feel like I’m evolving even more…

Lets see what this day will bring…

Norah ♥

With Every Smile :-)

Smile can like no one is watching <3

Smile can like no one is watching ❤


The beauty of your smile can show the world your true and natural nature

Always remember to show them the confidence

The courage

The beauty

Through your GORGEOUS smile

For your smile

Is the little light

Than can brighten up someone’s day

So never forget to smile no matter what

I hope you all have a great weekend filled with fun and great memories and remember to smile 🙂

Norah ♥


Even through it all I will always show my smile :-)

Even through it all I will always show my smile 🙂

Motivation is Key

Fitness is MY way of life <3

Fitness is MY way of life ❤





Clear of mind

I am changing every day

Newfound inner peace

New way of life

One month down..

Two more to go…

What will happen next 🙂

Becoming stronger every day [Image from: blog.fitmarkbags.com]

Becoming stronger every day [Image from: blog.fitmarkbags.com]



Past used to haunt this soul like a nightmare…
Thoughts of never moving forward were a way of life
Hiding under a mask of guilt
Till the sun seeped through so bright
Warmth of a new day
The thought of a new you

The birth began
Vivid and clear thoughts
New dreams of strength
Passion so strong you taste it
For you found the love in you
This love where you can do whatever you imagine
Be whoever you want
Do whatever you want

Imagination can now become reality
Dreams can come true
For life is but a journey
And my journey of this new life starts now
I will take this journey
And begin this life anew

Live your life to the fullest because life is way to short. As I begin new projects and a new lifestyle, it is an ongoing journey that I am grateful and happy to take. So follow yoir dreams no matter what it may be. You never know it may come true or become something even better 🙂

Enjoying the Friday Night Sky…

The beauty of the lights...[Image from: fineartamerica.com]

The beauty of the lights…[Image from: fineartamerica.com]

The beauty of the bright lights…

…Twinkling in the night sky

The pours of a sweet beverage…

Temptations opening new inhibitions…

…Doors opening to a new beginning

Adventures yet to come…

Hope you all have an amazing friday night and a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Even though who cannot enjoy a lovely cocktail (Health Cleanse), I can dress up a water and still have fun haha!

Delicious and cool water with lemon ;-)

Delicious and cool water with lemon 😉

Have fun and stay safe ♥


Peace Within...

Finding the peace within [Image from s628.photobucket.com ]

The calm within me
Soothing like a cool breeze on a hot day
Engulfing me with sweet and gentle air
Able to breath without pain

The calm within me
Sweet like a first kiss
Thoughts feel like walking on air
Light and airy
Feeling confident even without solid ground

Inner most sweetness
Painless and most effortless
Like a moth to a flame
I am drawn to you
Ever so sweet

Words cannot describe
The love of this feeling
Is beyond compared
I am falling deep
Ever so deep
Into this peace
Never forget me
For I may fall without you
Never leave me
Keep me grounded and safe
My gentle
Ever so loving

 Hoping you all are having a great weekend and hope you take the time and enjoy finding your inner most peace in life 🙂

♥ Norah