In a Yoga State of Mind ♡



“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self” – The Bhagavad Gita


Hellllo Friends!

Yes I know it has been a while since I have posted but I assure you the reasons have been for the better. In a few short months I have realized so many amazing goals and aspirations. This has allowed me to take the steps needed in order to follow what my heart has always wanted.

So between assignments and so on I have been working real hard on a few  goals. One I will tell you right now is I am becoming a personal trainer. While I have had always the desire be a trainer, I was always self conscious about how to become one. While I am not perfect, I have come such a long way and want to share the world my experiences. In the end I hope to one day inspire others to change, and if that can happen with just one person; I feel like I have brought something amazing to this world.


“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists. Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.”

So now that you have the gist of where my life has been  going I wanted to show you that no matter what size or how long you have practiced yoga, you should be proud of how far you have come. I have gotten into my practice since May and I have to say I am in love with practicing. Whether in a life class or online videos, yoga has taught me so much more about myself. We as humans are so much stronger than you can even imagine. Yoga has shown me with consistent practice and the love and the want to change you can do ANYTHING. I hope that you take the time to practice and feel the wonderful benefits of yoga ♥


Norah ♥


Even if your pose is not “perfect” it is always beautiful ❤


For the Road Ahead…


Remember to love who you are and that your destined for beautiful things. . .


What did you have for lunch?


As I’m on the journey I am learning so much more and my relationship with food has changed for the better. I don’t look as food as an escape but as nourishment. Today for example I had a filling breakfast of oatmeal made with almond milk and banana slices.


And for lunch I made this delicious grilled chicken taco. Inside is grilled chix chicken marinated in a tomato sauce I created, sauteed with spinach, corn, and red cabbage. Lastly I added a lil salsa and avocado. .let’s just say DELICIOUS!

So I hope today you take the time toneay something not only delicious but will nourish your body 🙂

Happy Eating,
Norah ♥


Hellooooo 2014!!!

My New Years Wish [Image from:]

My New Years Wish [Image from:]

Yes My Friends I am back from the dead!

It has been a few months to say the least since I have posted, and while I have been busy to no end I decided to put away the excuses and to finally do one of the things I had loved to do once again. As I look back on 2013 I have to say it has been a great year! I have experienced so much and learned a lot about myself this year. I have made some amazing friends, lost some, gone on a health journey that changed my view point of food and how it affects my body; but in the end I am thankful for all the experiences I have been through this year.

Beauty Found Throughout the year...

Beauty Found Throughout the year…

Now that the new year is finally here I think you can all agree with me that we are all excited about the new year and feel that we can do anything! That is because we can! We can make the subtle to even drastic changes needed in order change the path of our lives. Whether it is for your career, health, or even your current relationships in life; we can make the positive steps in order to make the changes to make our lives better.

A New Start [Image from:]

A New Start [Image from:]

As of now I want to make a promise to myself to go after things I once felt were impossible to do. I want to take control of my weight-loss journey, I want to take chances in my career, and I want to be a more well-rounded and spiritual person. I am looking forward to the future and hope that I will be able to share each adventure with you all!

What We All Should Aim For This Year []

What We All Should Aim For This Year []

Here is to happy and awesome postings and a new life!

Norah ♥

Good Things Will Come [Image from: ]

Good Things Will Come [Image from:]

Motivation Monday! Have You Truly Looked At Yourself in the Mirror?!

Love Your Body [Image from:]

Love Your Body [Image from:]

Have you looked in the mirror?…

Like truly looked at yourself?

What do you see?

Do you like what you see or do you cringe?

Shaking your head in disappointment

Sighing at disbelief

Maybe even shed a tear

But breath my friend

Smile at yourself 

Cheese so wide you hurt your cheeks


Throughout the change I still love the body I am in <3

Throughout the change I still love the body I am in ❤


Who cares what the world thinks!

This is the real you, and this is your real body!

And if you do not like it

Smile because you are ready for change

Smile for the haters you know you will soon make envious

Smile for your health

Smile for your upcoming new life!

No one says it will be easy

You may be in more pain than you ever been in your life

You may even feel defeated at times

But one thing I can promise you!

You will be happier

You will be healthier

And you will become more motivated than you have EVER BEEN IN YOUR LIFE

So my friend

If your ready for change


And always remember

Love your body NO MATTER WHAT!





Love the body that you are in throughout your journey in life, it is the only one you have! Hope you enjoy the small and big accomplishments in your health journey for not only this week but throughout your WHOLE LIFE!

♥ Norah






Change in Pace – Realizing My Blog Identity!

Always believe <3 [Image:]

Always believe

Hello My Blog Family!

SO SO SORRY I haven’t posted in like FOREVER! I have been so crazy busy and when I was not I was too exhausted to blog anything. Lately it has been short and sweet posts, but what I loved about them was my motivation was getting out there. Than I realized that the direction that not only my life was going but my blog was going in a different direction. Lately you have all noticed I have been focused on health and fitness and that is what I would like to focus on. I want when you go on my blog you find inspiration in your daily lives, and with that I decided to give my lovely blog a MAKEOVER! With that being said I will focus more on health and fitness but also giving you guys random but emotional poems, awesome recipes that I created or tested and LOVE and lots and lots of pictures of great inspiration.

I hope you follow me in this journey of self discovery and I hope I can maybe even inspire you to change your life just a little! Whatever the case may be I hope you follow, read, comment, and just have fun! Anyway before I leave my loves here a couple of pics of inspiration and a challenge I have been working on Instagram that I want you ALL to join whether you have Instagram or not!

May Fitness Challenge

May Fitness Challenge

If anyone is familar with Instagram you know they have daily to monthly photo challeneges where you can post daily pics on different topics. This month I decided to do a #mayfitnesschallenge and it has been loads of fun. Each day you post a pic of the topic of the day and it actually keeps you motivated during your fitness journey and you can even meet new people throughout it as well.

May Fitness Photo Collage

May Fitness Photo Collage

I have chatted with many people on this journey and it is very inspiring to see people’s progress and how they conquered their health. I will TRY to post my daily pics with you all and if you have Instagram look for me (sn is CulinaryGirl138)and see the awesome pics I post daily as well! I hope you all have an amazing weekend and remember YOU ARE WORTH IT!

♥ Norah

Creating your life is an everyday thing...[Image from ]

Creating your life is an everyday thing…[Image from ]

Finding Small Inspirations Throughout The Week

Motivation Throughout The Week

Finding Inspiration in simple things makes you think of the possibilities…


Finding beautiful and simple quotes while drinking tea honestly can put me in a good mood and get me through the day. I hope this week you found some inspirations in the most simple of things. I know I did and each day makes me feel like I’m evolving even more…

Lets see what this day will bring…

Norah ♥

Let’s Do Something New This Week: Smoothie Challenge!

Highlights of this weekend :-)

Highlights of this weekend 🙂

Hello My Fit and Fun Foodies,

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was filled with great company, food, and not so much relaxation. I went to see one of my best friends in the lovely city of Brooklyn and we had a great time! We went out to a chic art mag event followed by ending the night with drinks and not so healthy but great food from Soco. The next day I started off the day right by going to Cornerstone and having delicious Steak and Eggs

Steak and Eggs were sooo good!

Steak and Eggs were sooo good!

while sipping on some DELICIOUS Mimosas



. The rest of the day I went home and relaxed and today I enjoyed a great and spiritual day with my family.

This weekend I have learned that I have become wayyy more positive and upbeat about life. Who knew that make healthy and great life style choices can make you so much more happier and see a more positive outlook on life. This fitness and clean health journey has been something that I have fallen in love with. Its become almost an obsession and while I do have times where I am so tired I cannot even move, I still will force myself to have my workout. Dedication is key and I am happy to say that I am BEYOND dedicated to leaving a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Essential smoothies: [Image from:]

Essential smoothies: [Image from:]

This week what I would like to do is start a two week smoothie challenge. For two weeks I will have a smoothie for both breakfast and as a afternoon snack. They will be generally low carb smoothies, but there will be days where I indulge in a higher carb fruit. I also will limit my carb intake and eat loaded veggies with either chicken or fish on the daily. It will be fun and interesting to see where this will go but I will let you know how it goes and meanwhile I will posts my most favorite smoothie recipes!

Smoothie Recipe Chart [Image from:]

Smoothie Recipe Chart [Image from:]

So my friends on that note hope you all have a happy and healthy week filled with great food and good memories! And remember, try to create something exciting and new this week 😉

Found this lovely quote while shopping: Create yourself a new life <3

Found this lovely quote while shopping: Create yourself a new life ❤

Enjoying the Friday Night Sky…

The beauty of the lights...[Image from:]

The beauty of the lights…[Image from:]

The beauty of the bright lights…

…Twinkling in the night sky

The pours of a sweet beverage…

Temptations opening new inhibitions…

…Doors opening to a new beginning

Adventures yet to come…

Hope you all have an amazing friday night and a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Even though who cannot enjoy a lovely cocktail (Health Cleanse), I can dress up a water and still have fun haha!

Delicious and cool water with lemon ;-)

Delicious and cool water with lemon 😉

Have fun and stay safe ♥


Peace Within...

Finding the peace within [Image from ]

The calm within me
Soothing like a cool breeze on a hot day
Engulfing me with sweet and gentle air
Able to breath without pain

The calm within me
Sweet like a first kiss
Thoughts feel like walking on air
Light and airy
Feeling confident even without solid ground

Inner most sweetness
Painless and most effortless
Like a moth to a flame
I am drawn to you
Ever so sweet

Words cannot describe
The love of this feeling
Is beyond compared
I am falling deep
Ever so deep
Into this peace
Never forget me
For I may fall without you
Never leave me
Keep me grounded and safe
My gentle
Ever so loving

 Hoping you all are having a great weekend and hope you take the time and enjoy finding your inner most peace in life 🙂

♥ Norah