The many faces of me :-)

The many faces of me 🙂

About me section can be super heard because I honestly do not know where to start but here we go! Well first of my name is Norah and I am 25 years old…growing up I have always been fascinated with food and how it affects our minds and body. Maybe partially because I had always struggled with my weight growing up or maybe or just because I loved food so much but it has always been with me throughout life. It wasn’t until a while back I had watched the movie Julie and Julia and was totally inspired by it. Not only did I love watching a glimpse of the life of Julia but I loved how Julie who was a writer at a dead-end job started writing a blog about cooking Julia’s recipes and had changed her life.

I started this blog to write not only about food and recipes but the lifestyle about being a girl in this industry. From testing new dishes for work and play, to finding the perfect beauty regime, awesome new fashion ideas, to just being a girl, I want to show it all. Hope you all enjoy reading and please feel free to comment and give advice. Happy reading and try to enjoy each day by eating something new 😉




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  1. Nicholas Merrynote says:

    hey, how are you? Great blog layout and so nice of you to help out with inspiring food recipes! Thank you so much for following our blog. It means a lot here, can’t wait to tell the guys in the morning! Be sure to check our blog shortly as we are releasing new material for our About page, which will inspire you even more! And you sure are right, it’s incredible hard to write about you, and your goals. Love, your Coffeebooksong darlings

    • smileycook says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to view my blog! I think its so awesome that you and your team write inspiring post to motivate anyone who reads. I look forward to reading future post! Thanks so much again 🙂

  2. Sweet Precision says:

    Love your blog!! I must confess I totally loved the movie Julie and Julia too 🙂 About a month ago I went to a museum in DC that had a remake of Julia Child’s kitchen with a whole exhibit about her… I was totally inspired!! I look forward to reading more posts in the future!

  3. Francesca says:

    Hi Norah. Thank you for signing up to follow our blog. I cannot find the follow button on your blog. I prefer it over the one that appears by default in the bar at the top of your blog because if you add it I get an email whenever you publish a post, which I find it handy.

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