The Pastry Life: Collection of Thoughts


Passion [Image from ]

Passion [Image from ]

When I wake up in the morning my thoughts of you begin…

Your with me throughout the day like the air that I breath

I love you more than words can say 

I crave you morning, noon, and night

In my thoughts and in my words

When I eat, when I drink

When I think, when I breath, when I dream and when I sleep

The word LOVE cannot even describe how much you mean

I weep when I think of you

I cannot even contain my feelings of my thoughts of you…

Please my love come to me

This mind and body are in exhaustion of waiting for you

Please come for me my love

So I can disappear silently from this pain

I love you even though I do not know you yet

Funny for a girl to declare such a proclamation

But it should be said because of you

I strive each day to make a better me

So for the day

I do met you

I can smile and say

My passion led me to you…

Tomorrow Is A Day Away

artistic women pic


Have you ever stopped to think about how life would be…
Without limits
Without any barriers
Confidence seeping through your veins
No chance to second guess
For your love of life gives you the chance to dream
Of seizing the day
Making this life
Your life yours

Have you ever stopped to think about how life would be…
If you tore down your walls
Let the light come in
To smile so bright that you cry
Not because of sadness

But for the first time you let love come in
And you did not second guess yourself
Not even for a minute

Have you ever stopped to think how life could be…
If you gave into your thoughts and dived in
Dived into the unknown of adventure
The unknown of this beautiful yet twisted life
This life is not for the vaint of heart
But we all can make it through
For love and faith
Imagination and creation
Family and friends
And that one person who you may or may not know
Who holds a piece of your heart and soul
They all give you the strength to fight…
For a new and beautiful beginning
Tomorrow is just a day away…
What will you do to make it yours…

What an intense word
To crave for something or someone
The feeling of needing it so bad you can’t eat, sleep, maybe even breath…

To really crave
Knots in your stomach
Pacing the floor
Sweat in your palms
Sleepless nights of antagonizing anguish
Biting of your lips
You crave
You want
You need
Can’t live without


black and white 3

We all crave for something
For love
For comfort
For peace
Hell even for food
Whatever it is that we crave for
It consumes our beings till our body receives
When the lips touch 
Gets just a little bit of a taste
To satisfy the craving
Calming our beings
Calming the urge just a bit
Peace at mind falls
Craving is of no more
Smiling with satisfaction

No more cravings 
For a while everything feels right in the world
The sky is blue
Your thoughts are clear
Till one day it creeps
Clouding your soul
You crave for more
You want
You need 
You crave…

How can you crave for something you do not know
For someone you never met
Sleepless nights
A racing heart
Thoughts of the unknown
Feelings of your feet in shackles
Consumed with thoughts
Of hope
Craving the unknown
I crave for a beautiful unknown fantasy
Filled with blue limitless sky
Sun shines so bright its blinding to the eye
I crave
What do you crave?…

The Beauty of a Hand


These hands

These overused yet simple hands

Sometimes manicured to perfection

But most of the time simple and ordinary

No polish on the fingers

Nails tend to get long

Your simple yet beautiful hands


They tend to create a beautiful thing

A beautiful thing you say…

Yes a beautiful thing..

It can start with the opening of a simple cookie mix…

That leads to the mixing and intertwining of something simple yet beautiful…

The marriage of an egg, stick of butter and of course lots of sweet chocolate chips

Creating a dough so rich yet a bit grainy to the tip

The beauty of a simple dough

The beauty of a simple dough

The use of this hand can shape a simple yet perfect heart

Perfect like a heart shape pan

Butter it up with sweet nothings

Tell me secrets that you have never shared

Press them down towards my soul like dough to a pan

Let it sink in into every corner like my heart

Show my heart the true joy of knowing you

Light a fire like you would and oven

Engulf me in your heat 350 degrees

Let me settle in your warmth

Love me not only for 10 to 15 minutes

But love me for a lifetime

Perfect shaped heart <3

Perfect shaped heart ❤

Let this beauty cool till cold to the touch

Awing at the perfect form

Love comes in all types of forms

It can be showered in words, actions, even a simple gesture

But for these hands they shower love in pink icing

The sweetness so decadent it is covered and written on this beautiful heart

Use these hands…

To show me how you love me

To show me how you care

Actions clearly speak louder than words…


Your hands

Your simple yet beautiful hands…

They have created

They have used

These hands have shown kindness

These hands have shown strength


My beautiful hands tell a story

Sometimes pure

Sometimes dark

But with a simple idea

They create not only beauty

They create…


Love can be shown in any form

Love can be shown in any form


For The Clean Of You

grapefruit 2 

To be clean or not to be…
Not the most simple question
We want health
We need health
And yet we are tempted by the bad
But the “Oh so GOOD!”
The convenience
The thrill of the smells
The watering of the mouths
The perfect first bites
We crave these moments
The flavor
The taste
We need these moments
But while we do have these moments
We tend to forget the simple joys
The makings of a new a fresh dish

The beauty of creating a dish [Image from:]

The beauty of creating a dish [Image from:]

The simplicity of a piece of fruit
The crispness of a fresh veggies
The warmth of fresh baked bread
The smoothness of a hot cup of tea

Warm and Soothing Tea [Image from:]

Warm and Soothing Tea [Image from:]

To be clean or not to be…
Is this your answer?
With busy lives
No time to think let alone breath
Strangled by the thought of freedom
Can we take control in what we eat?
Let alone how we eat
Commitment can be a thought of fear
For failure can be an option
But forget perfection
Focus on the thought 
Of freshness
Of peace

To be clean or not to be…
That is my question
Struggles of the past 
Grief of the present
Will no longer be my future
Taking control can feel like deprivation
But the end goals taste sweet
To be clean is a goal I will always strive
To indulge in the process of fresh
Creating from inspiration
Beginning life from scratch

To be clean or not to be
That is my answer
For simplicity will be a way of life
To lose I will gain
But fear not
Simple will lead to clean
And clean will lead to well
And well will lead to free
This journey is mine
Is it yours?…

Life Goals [Image from:]

Life Goals [Image from:]


artisitic woman 6

Finding peace within…

The calm within me
Soothing like a cool breeze on a hot day
Engulfing me with sweet and gentle air
Able to breath without pain

The calm within me
Sweet like a first kiss
Thoughts feel like walking on air
Light and airy
Feeling confident even without solid ground

Inner most sweetness
Painless and most effortless
Like a moth to a flame
I am drawn to you
Ever so sweet

Words cannot describe
The love of this feeling
Is beyond compared
I am falling deep
Ever so deep
Into this peace
Never forget me
For I may fall without you
Never leave me
Keep me grounded and safe
My gentle
Ever so loving


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