Getting What We Want

In life we need to remember to always live each day as if it were our last and use our gifts to contribute something good to the world. This post is a great reminder to get off our bums and go after what we want! Take a moment this weekend to reflect on what your dreams really are and what it takes to accompolish them. Than after that get up and go! Even myself I tend to say tommorow but with a new year I want to change tomorrow to right now!

Hope this weekend for you is filled with happiness and inpsiration!

Norah ♥

Everyday Power Blog

All that we desire...

We put things off, overuse the word ‘tomorrow’ and ‘someday’, and postpone unleashing our own greatness on a regular basis. We do not live forever. There is no tomorrow. All we have is right now.
Let’s practice getting into the habit of gifting our gift, love, time and attention to all things that benefit others and ourselves. Let’s practice being so hopeful and so amazing that we never go back to being average or pessimistic again. 
Let’s practice sticking to our word and making things happen.
Let’s live intentionally. Take responsibility for all that has come into your life, and take responsibility for all that you want to come into your life.
Let’s live to give.
Let’s attract all that we want, by first embodying it.
Let’s led by example.
Let’s develop a reputation of integrity, commitment and compassion.
Let’s MAKE THE DECISION, that you do deserve it, the world…

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