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What an intense word
To crave for something or someone
The feeling of needing it so bad you can’t eat, sleep, maybe even breath…

To really crave
Knots in your stomach
Pacing the floor
Sweat in your palms
Sleepless nights of antagonizing anguish
Biting of your lips
You crave
You want
You need
Can’t live without

We all crave for something
For love
For comfort
For peace
Hell even for food
Whatever it is that we crave for
It consumes our beings till our body receives
When the lips touch
Gets just a little bit of a taste
To satisfy the craving
Calming our beings
Calming the urge just a bit
Peace at mind falls
Craving is of no more
Smiling with satisfaction

No more cravings
For a while everything feels right in the world
The sky is blue
Your thoughts are clear
Till one day it creeps
Clouding your soul
You crave for more
You want
You need
You crave…

How can you crave for something you do not know
For someone you never met
Sleepless nights
A racing heart
Thoughts of the unknown
Feelings of your feet in shackles
Consumed with thoughts
Of hope
Craving the unknown
I crave for a beautiful unknown fantasy
Filled with blue limitless sky
Sun shines so bright its blinding to the eye
I crave
What do you crave?…

(Inspired by the song: Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) by Flight Facilities)

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Quote [Image from:]

Hey My Friends!

So as you may have noticed lately I have been writing a lot of poetry. I am at the point right now that I am so inspired by so much that is around me that I can’t help but to write! For my foodies I promise there is more sweet and yummy food posts so bear with me LOL! I hope you enjoy and may even be inspired by it 🙂

Norah 🙂


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