Weekend Is Coming to an End (tear) – Plan A Fitness Goal For the Week!


Fitness Motivation (Image from motivationblog.org)

Hello My culinary foodies!

Hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend. Unfortunately mine was spent mostly in bed due to a cold. But now I am feeling a bit better and even spent the day doing my Sunday rituals (Church, Brunch, and a bit of Shopping! :-)) Since January is coming to an end and I know all of you are probably over fitness, fitness, fitness! Let’s face it, it is the time of the year where fitness products are in your FACE! You cannot even go to a store without seeing fitness wear being displayed as you walk in, or your local grocery store having all their health and wellness food products on sale. (Well benefit for us who do actually buy such products LOL). But here is the thing, you should take ADVANTAGE! Now I know for my culinary people out there, the last thing of our minds is working out, ESPECIALLY after an 8 hour work shift. Trust me after working all day in the kitchen and running out to do errands, by the time I come home all I want is food and my bed! But let’s face it, the more fit and health we are, the more energy we have for work and our daily lives. It also doesn’t hurt to fit our clothes better and turn a couple of heads πŸ˜‰ But aside from that to be healthy is such a goal that we all should have.

Fitness Motivation #2

Fitness Motivation #2

I have to say I get so inspired from our fellow bloggers who document their weight loss goals or just encourage others by posting healthy recipes or workouts that they encourage others to try. It inspires many to accomplish their own goals and so many have succeeded. Even myself I was once a health nut who ate nothing but healthy food items and even worked out 2-3 times a day. While I was at the slimmest and most healthy every, I also can say I was happy. It was great to walk into a store and not worry that I could not find anything to wear, my skin was glowing, I was forever smiling (For the most part), and I had energy for days! But when the lost of my grandmother happen, I let all of my healthy habits and just focused on helping my family go through such a major lost. Sometimes when we lose someone we tend to forget ourselves and focus on other things. While that time for me was very hard, I did eventually get through and I am better mentally than before. But there was one thing, I gained the weight back! I did not even notice till one day I really looked at myself in the mirror and said, “What the HELL happened to me!”. While I knew I was gaining weight, I did not really pay attention to my eating habits. I had become a fast food junkie that ate fast food everyday and would indulge on things like cookies, ice cream, and LOTS of Resses mini peanut butter cups (those are ADDICTING!!!) So I had said enough is ENOUGH.

Since January started I have stopped such habits completely and went back to my old healthy habits. I can tell you that I feel soo much better since I have stopped such habits such as not eating fast food, and not eating carbs at night, I can already start to feel that I am losing weight. (In my next few blogs I will go into detail my change in eating habits.) Now to my fitness goal of the week…

I will be on my third week of focusing on my diet and since I have that down pact (not one thoughts of cheating) I am now on the fitness! So I have decided to challenge myself to 6 weeks of Tae Bo Insane Abs. I had bought the DVD a while back when I was really into fitness and did the workout video a couple of times. I absolutely love Tae Bo Fitness and the dvds are awesome (I have about 5 that I would play and workout with religiously!). They are easy to follow for anyone getting into cardio and they give you RESULTS! I would recommend them to anyone who is entering the world of fitness and would like to do it in the comfort of your own home. The creator of Tae Bo Billy Blanks motivates you throughout the DVD and gets you revived up and going!

Tae Bo Insane Abs!

Tae Bo Insane Abs!

What my main focus is to work on my upper body and hopefully get the abs I have always wanted or at least a flatter tummy will do LOL. Overall I am striving for better health and for now I want to start with goal #1. I would like to fit back into this awesome dress I wore last Easter. I felt so great in this dress and I hope to fit nicely into it after the 6 weeks. (Thankfully I can fit into the dress but not zip it up all the way ;-()

I loveee this dress!

I loveee this dress!

So my friends while I tackle my goals I want to know what do you want your fitness goals to be, and if you do have one what are they? We should all strive for good health and to feel comfortable in our own skin. I know I will not be a size 2, nor do I want to be but I want to be HEALTHY and feel GREAT! So good luck to you all my friends and lets make ourselves better this year of 2013 and every year after!

Happy Fitness Quote :-)

Happy Fitness Quote πŸ™‚ (Image from sparkpeople.com)


3 thoughts on “Weekend Is Coming to an End (tear) – Plan A Fitness Goal For the Week!

  1. At Margareta's Haus says:

    Love your last quote – stop focusing on being skinny and focus on being healthy! I will take this one on as my mantra and will join you on your healthy quest. I eat pretty healthy most of the time, don’t really eat out or eat fast food, however, snacking is my vice. I purchased Zumba for the Wii and will get that out again and start the 6 week workout with you. I will aim for doing the workout twice a week. πŸ™‚

    • smileycook says:

      I am so happy that you want to make a 6 week program for yourself as well, and the more the merrier! You have to tell me how you like Zumba for Wii because I would like to buy that as well!

  2. Darnell says:

    Good day! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one?

    Thanks a lot!

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