DIY: Inspire Yourself With Your Own Inspiration Board!

Write what inspires you!

Write what inspires you!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

Hello my culinary girls and friends of all shapes and sizes!

I wanted to first off say how excited I am that I am gaining a following and that I am enjoying writing so much!  I hope you get some sort of inspiration through each post. I know for myself I am just by writing what I know and love. So thank thank you thank you and I hope anyone who stumbles upon this enjoys the blog and gets inspired!

So about two weeks ago I had created an inspiration board for the new year. I had gotten the idea in an old magazine while waiting for my car to get an oil change a while ago (Soo boring but it turned a success! LOL) and thought it was an awesome idea! I had heard in the past that putting up any ideas whether notes of future projects, pictures of items you wanted, or whatever it may be often puts the idea in your head and can lead you to accomplishing your goals. I thought this year since it is the year for change let me make an inspiration board. Making the board was def not hard. Growing up I loved creating collages of pictures of friends or subjects that I was really into like fashion, music artist, make-up and beauty, the list goes on. What I always loved about collages was the fact that I could be as creative as I want and make this keepsake that I could keep for as long as I wanted. So when I made my inspiration board I treated it with the same concept as a collage.

Photo collages I have created

Photo collages I have created

I had started with just going into a crafts store for stickers, colorful scrapbook paper, etc. to fill my board. I wanted it to be like a chalkboard almost, putting things on as I go. Here are some of the things I bought or found around the house:

Board supplies

Board supplies

  • Poster board – I bought black but there are an array of colors and styles in the store you can choose from.
  • Glue – either stick or the gel (I prefer the gel since it holds better for a poster)
  • Stickers – I loveeee stickers and depending on your theme they can add flavor to your board
  • Magazines /Catalogs/Newspapers– You can find all kinds of inspiration in these
  • Paint pens – Great investment if your into crafting, not only can you write with awesome colors for poster board but also glass, ceramic, the list goes on. I usually have an array of colors for different projects 🙂
  • Scissors – well you will need to cut of course!
  • Great music! – listen to what gets you going, I always have Pandora in the backround if I’m working on a project, cooking or baking

Now that you get an overall concept of making your own inspiration board, now go for it and make one! Pick a day where you have some free time to really think about what you would like to accomplish within the year. I always say that inspiration comes when you least expect it, it could happen while your surfing blogs, or having an outing with friends, a previous dream, listening to a lecture, watching your favorite TV show, reading your favorite book, the list goes on. For me it honestly took me a while to find the time to really sit down and make one, and it is still a work in progress. Life changes everyday and so do our dreams. So get inspired and display what you love and want. You never know what you can accomplish! So happy inspiration board making and always remember that with lots of effort and determination, and the belief in yourself ANYTHING is possible 🙂

My Inspiration Board!

My Inspiration Board!

So happy inspiration board making!

Norah 🙂


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