It’s Our Year to Shine!!!



First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR WORLD!!! As the world celebrates a new year, I am relaxing and sipping on my mother’s famous hot chocolate feeling like I can take on the world! (Even though I am a bit sleepy and dreading going back to work after a long and needed vacay, but thats beside the point! LOL) While I was on vacation I had thought long and hard about my resolutions and I even had an awesome list of my resolutions. Unfortunately I locked it somehow on my Nook and they are LOST! (tear) … But even with the lost resolutions the theme was to make my life even better than last year. To not be afraid of trying new things, not falling to same tired old routines and feeling comfortable with same old same old. As humans I notice how we can get into a steady groove and just settle. Do not get me wrong, some of the most simple things can give you peace, but I have notice my soul is craving for new and exciting things to experience. In just a couple of days I will be turning 25! That is a quarter of a century old! As I feel like I’m getting old (Oh NO!) I decided to finally step out of my safe bubble and experience life and share what I know and love to the world. 

I am blessed to be in a field that I can express my creativity and share it with anyone in my path. I promise this year of 2013 to change into a better me and take every advantage to pursue my dreams and at the same time help others along the way. Resolutions come and go but for me I will just say I strive to make this year my year to shine and make it mine!

So before I go and enjoy the rest of the first day of the year I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with positive changes, lots of love, good health, and awesome food and treats. 


Love you all!

Norah 😉


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