Where it all began…

Life as a culinary girl isn’t simple as it sounds. First is admitting that you want to dedicate your life to food. Most people will think, “Oh how glamorous, I will be able to eat what I want, cook what I want, and make lots of money.” Well think again, being a chef takes time, dedication, lots of sweat, loss hours of me time, and loss of sleep. No friend time, no lets meet up with the girls for cocktails because most likely you will be in the kitchen whipping up salads, desserts, entrees and what have you till pass midnight. So how does all that sound? Great huh, I know! You are probably thinking why the hell would anyone want that life, but if you’re a foodie like me you would think different. When I began my first job in the food industry, at first it was a campus job to make pocket-money for things I needed or wanted. But as soon as I walked into the good old West Wing, my life changed. As a nutrition student, your career is about food and I thought why not. Little did I know I would slowly become involved even more with whole aspect of food.

Even though we were making sandwiches and not crème brulees and coco van their was something about making a meal for a customer and watching their face in enjoyment that I loved. Not only did I love the enjoyment in there face, I loved that it was me that made it. Little old me, Norah who used to bake with whatever contents I found at home now made something yummy and enjoyable. Also I found it odd while all my work friends would all grown about being there I secretly loved it. Food at that moment would slowly become a big part of my life. Later came moving to my first college apartment. Now while most college students would hate cooking for themselves and eat out, I loved cooking, I would slowly start collecting cookbooks, look for recipes online (FoodNetwork.com became one of my favorite websites) and cook for myself and friends. My mind became consumed with making recipes and searching for the perfect dish. Now with all this obsessing with food, I slowly thought “What the fuck am I doing?” Is this what my life is going to be just being an obsessed foodie. I would even look at envy towards the chefs on Top Chef and thinking that I want to do what there doing and live to be challenged like them.

It had to take the summer of 2010 for me to realize that what I really wanted to do. While getting another job at a conference hotel for the campus as a prep cook, I fell even more in love with food preparation. (And I know your thinking, can you become even more obsessed with food!) I slowly saw how being a struggling Nutrition student was not cutting it and what I really wanted to do with my life was a chef. Not just an ordinary chef who worked at a hospital or restaurant, but the best damn chef that I can be. To own several businesses, travel the world, meet and work with the best chef’s known to man. You know the path less taken and so hard to do. That is what I want. But before you all laugh and say, “Damn girl good luck cause it is an eat or be eaten kinda industry. Only the strongest chef’s stay alive.” Truth is I feel like have the talent for what it takes. Food for me is not just a career to make me money. It is my life, for all the years of thinking that becoming a doctor was my calling in life when all the while growing up food was my answer. When I was obsessing over it , I was thinking of ways to change the norm about whatever dish, and that is why I feel I got what it takes. Creativity, determination, and drive is the key. So if you want, take this journey with me, see where this culinary girl is going…you know were to find me…



3 thoughts on “Where it all began…

  1. Aisha says:

    Wow. Norah you’re so so inspiring and trust me I definitely understand your obsession with me, it’s like the tastes and flavours and colours and feel of food runs through my veins lol it’s kinda crazy. I’m here now and I’m gonna be following you for as long as I have this blog because I really do understand your passion. Don’t listen to people that aren’t taking the same path/haven’t been on the same path as you, just do your thing. Stay humble, be consistent and remain focused.

    • smileycook says:

      Thank you so much for this comment. I appreciate you kind thoughts and trust me NOTHING will stop me from my goals. I think it is awesome that you have a passion for food and I am honored for you to follow my blog! I hope my posts will inspire you and I will be looking into your blog and cannot wait to read it 🙂

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